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Born in 1983 in Holon, Israel. 

A father to Jonathan and Neomi, and a husband to Keren.

Started playing the organ at the age of 9 and discovered the guitar by the age of 14.

During high school, Doron majored in music studies and was devoted to playing the guitar as frequent as one can.

In 2004, Doron enrolled in Bachelor's degree studies in Music Composition at Tel-Aviv University and started his journey of orchestral composition.

During his studies, Doron started playing concerts and recording with Various artists in the Israeli music industry and collaborated with many musicians such as:

Alon Oleartchick, Yoni Rechter, Ariel Zilber, Shlomo Gronich, Yigal Bashan. Shem-Tov Levy, Efraim Shamir, Guy Mazig, Peter Roth, Shlomi Shaban and many more.


In 2009 Doron continued his Studies in Tel-Aviv University for a Masters Degree,

His Thesis dealt with the Ambiguity in the Harmony of Robert Schumann’s “Dichterliebe” - since he was always intrigued by harmonic progressions and music theory.


Teaching was always a passion and a huge part of Doron’s life, he has been teaching guitar since the age of 17.


Since 2016 Doron has been teaching Ear training, Traditional Harmony, and Guitar accompaniment Essentials in Rimon music school in Ramat HaSharon.


In 2021 Doron joined the faculty staff at the Academy of Music in Jerusalem, where he teaches music theory and guitar performance. 

In 2023 Doron was appointed as Deputy Academic Director 

of Rimon School Of Music.

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